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EP REVIEW: Santino Ranks "Night Terror"

Meet Santino Ranks, Recording Artist from Washington D.C. (Southeast). Santino Ranks gained popularity as a member of YNWV under the leadership of S&C Mally.

Many say he will be a controversial figure in the industry due to his self-proclaimed "demonic" image.Santino ranks is currently working on "Night Terror II: 666 wayz II Die" the sequel to "Night terror" .

Santino Ranks takes us on a journey through the streets and his life on his EP "Night Terror". With the sound of Meek Mill and the word play of Kendrick Lamar, Santino Ranks sets himself apart, creating an own lane for himself.

The EP displays who he is at his essence and he unapologetically expresses his demeanor on each and every track. Deemed the artist to look out for, you get a clear reason why upon listening to this collection of hits.

The songs to look out for that are definitely going to propel Mr. Ranks are:"Tha G Code", "How Ya Want It", "eX-files", and my favorite on the EP "IX-IIYa Dome" which I consider to be the ultimate classic and the defining song on the entire project.

You get a feel of who Santino Ranks is on this EP and I am definitely looking forward to see what great works come from this artist.

Take a listen above and click below to follow SANTINO RANKS

RATING: 9/10

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