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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Jay Flow "Elevation"

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Recording Artist Jay Flow. Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Jay Flow is here to conquer every feat of the rap game and he is starting here with his anticipated mixtape "Elevation", which brings together the classic old school 90's flare with a touch of today's mega hit juice.

The mixtape starts with a dynamic intro, "I'm Slept on heavy, and I don't know why, school of hard knocks only the strong survive" he strikes immediately letting you know he is here to deliver the rap game what is needs, A TRUE LYRICIST.

He spits venom the entire project, leaving the listeners to wonder, where has he been all this time.

The Tracks that make this project propel into higher limits and are sure to be hits are: "Make A Play" , "Check Up", & "Party Tonight", which these songs right here are definitely going to put you in a party and feel good move.

My favorite tracks on the project are "Burnin Bridges" & "Visions" which take you on a journey in meeting who Jay Flow really is. Both tracks giving you that authentic hip hop feel, I found myself playing both tracks over and over again.

This project is a very well effort and I can say this now that Jay Flow is going to be a problem for the rap game. He is something the game needs right now. With a sound so diverse he is destined to have the game at the palm of his hand.







RATING: 10/10