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Dj MoMoney was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, right outside of the nation’s capital, Washington, Dc. In 2009, he began to host parties and events which later inspired him to become a dj.

All while in college at Liberty University, Dj MoMoney made a name for himself by DJ'ing for family and friends at events and parties. Once he became a household name, Dj MoMoney started to expand throughout the metropolitan area by DJ'ing at popular clubs such as; Love Night Club, Station 9, Red lounge, Spot Lounge, The Filmore, The Park and many more.

Dj MoMoney plans to continue to sweep the nation with his versatile music selections, and make an impact in the music industry. This year alone, Dj MoMoney has already opened up for and collaborated with 6 major recording artist.

“Ever since I was young, music has been very influential to me in many ways that I knew I would share my musical experience with others. Djaying has become my way of expressing my love for music and I have learned so many things about how people move to certain music. At every event, I want the crowd to feel like they’ve been a part of a great experience. That’s why I strive for, creating great experiences for individuals who love music as much as I do.”

All while being a successful powerhouse Club DJ, MoMoney wants to continue to make an impact in the fashion world as well. With Mixing music and fashion, DJ MoMoney wants to keep pushing to be a brand influencer and a fashion inspirer.

The Motto that I live by is, “Only the Strong survive” I stand by this motto firmly because its what I truly believe. This world we live in is tuff, but if you gain the right tools along the way, you can be fearless and unstoppable.

Last year I started my own company called “Jr DJ Pro LLC” where I teach kids in the community how to DJ, I also teach music production, and DJ History. The program was created because I wanted to give children another outlet in life other than becoming a; Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, etc. I love the youth and love teaching, so I found the perfect way to implement music and day to day learning objectives.

Programs Purpose:

“In JR. DJ’s we believe in opening the doors to musical exploration for students. Our Jr. DJ program will teach students the basics of mixing, scratching, turntablism, and music production. Scholars will be able to learn these musical techniques while simultaneously enhancing reading, writing, and performance skills. This class will include critical thinking, and challenge students to learn out of their normal confront zones. Students whom use Music in a therapeutic manner, will get a chance to express themselves in this program in many ways. Students will learn to appreciate music in the form of Disk Jockies, and later evolve into their own Artist, or Musician by the end of the Program.”

**Tshirt/Sweater merchandise is available for this Program. To purchase merchandise for JR DJ Pro, please visit

For DJ Lessons or Music Producing Lessons, please email:

Listen to my latest mix at

Social Media Contact:


IG: @iamdjmomoney

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