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Talent on top of talent on top of talent on top of talent, how do you describe that in one word.... EPIC!!!!

ARTS N BEATS, has become the newest crave around town and everyone wants in. Its a showcase that houses some of the best talent in the DMV. The epic event sponsored by Jack Daniels is the brainchild of InDaBoothTV who many also know as the top DJ himself King Iven.


  • Styme

  • Noochie

  • Lul Big Brother

  • SP The Plug

  • Qui Qui Tzu

DJ Popkorn on the one and twos, 

And hosted by no other than Mr. Aladdin Da Prince.

In all entirety the showcase was a huge success and when I say the room was packed, I mean packed.

And you know how a room feels with a lot of people crowded and add Jack Daniels on top of the mix and you can call for full utter heat lol, but that didn't stop the show, it actually enhanced everything, everyone let loose and partied like there was no work tomorrow, but unfortunately there was.

 This event was one you did not want to miss and all the whose who's were in attendance to see the great talent we share in the DMV. I enjoyed myself and I am definitely not missing the next one and if your smart, you will not either.

RATING: 10/10