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EVENT REVIEW: "Unopened Books (Multiplying The 2%)" Book Launch

I had the pleasure of attending  my brother Jermaine Gassaway book launch for his newly anticipated book "Unopened Books (Multiplying The 2%)" and I must say the launch was a pure treat. Held on the roof top of the newest attraction of VA. From the food to the music to the atmosphere, everything worked together to showcase both the type of man Gassaway is and the type of book we will be getting, If I confused anyone, I am basically saying everything was on a complete grown man level, and yes I was very proud and honored to see such growth and success from the gentleman.

The launch showcased Jermaine's mission on understanding the black male importance in education and the leadership it can provide in steering a youths life towards success.

The launch bought out all his dearest friends and family who all had one common goal... SUPPORTING JERMAINE.

I got a strong sense of love, respect and encouragement from not only every attendee, but from Jermaine himself who really is on a mission to better help our youth and this book alone sheds light on ways to help stop many of our stigma's for Black males in the school system.



I had the pleasure of reading the book on my plane ride to LA and though I am not finished, I am quite intrigued by my findings and you will know more soon enough with the Book Review coming soon.

RATING: 10/10 Very proud of you brother

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