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EVENT REVIEW: BPRSDC "Entertainment Unfiltered"

I had the pleasure of covering the BLACK PUBLIC RELATIONS SOCIETY DC PRESENTS: Entertainment PR Unfiltered which took us on an in depth look at the real things that go on within the world of Public Relations. The event was both insightful and entertaining consisting of a panel full of top leading publicists; Gwendolyn Quinn, Lisa Fager, Priscilla Clarke, and Candice Nicole.

Moderated by President of the BPRS-DC Antonice Jackson, the event went off without a hitch. I was able to take away so many lessons, resources and tools that can help in the growing of both my business and personal life.

Held at the beloved Mulebone, the atmosphere was a perfect match, in setting the tone for the event.The event itself was packed and I can honestly say there was not one person who was not paying attention. The panel captivated everyone's attention and allowed for everyone to pick their brain and get a better glimpse at the do's and don'ts in the PR world, but also in the way you brand your business.

It was really a good feeling to see so many powerful people in one room, willing to give advice to help the advancement of others. Networking at its best is what I call it and everyone surely felt the same way as well, as everyone soaked up all the knowledge from these experts.

All in all, the event was a huge success and definitely served its mission; which was to inspire, teach and motivate. Events like these are so needed and so helpful for developing your brand, BPRS-DC set the tone for helping other entrepreneurs and this is exactly what we need more of in the DC area. And if you missed this event, you surely missed out on a lot of jewels that can make your business venture much smoother, but this is definitely not the last event from BPRS-DC, just make sure to stay tuned and in the loop.


RATING: 10/10

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