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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Uncle Bob "Bobs Your Uncle"


"BobTheBoss has finally decided to step out his comfort zone and become UNCLE BOB. Bob is that wise soul that is willing to lend a helping hand out of pure goodness from the heart, but that same Uncle that you know not to fuck with cause he gone pull that belt out on ya ass. This tape you can expect to hear his real life experiences, problems and good times within the past year. "I'm your uncle now, bitch!""

Meet Uncle Bob, who I am deeming the new "trap hippie with the hip hop flare". His latest effort BOBS YOUR UNCLE Hosted By DJ Blustar ,showcases the balances of fun, trap and pure hip hop. The Mixtape immediately pulls you in with the first track 'In This Life" which sets the tone of the mixtape.

It immediately goes into the head bopping "Too Different" featuring YogaFlame & 3OhBlack which if you weren't dancing already in the first track , you will definitely want to start once this track comes on. "What Makes you Think?" is definitely the defining track of the mixtape and after listening you will not even think about Rocko's version, Uncle Bob sets the fine balance between litty trap and lyrical hip hop, 3 tracks in and I was already invested.

My favorite tracks on the mixtape are "Lost", which also is an amazing staple of the mixtape and you get a clear taste of Uncle Bob's artistic side. "Runnin", "Talk That Talk", "Benji Blue", and "New Money" are favorites as well, each of them I played continuously on repeat.

All in all the mixtape is an amazing effort and I definitely now have my eyes open to this amazingly talented brother as should you.

RATING: 10/10



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