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EVENT REVIEW: Cocktails With Claire + Ty Hunter

Cocktails With Claire recently touched down in the Chocolate City and it was nothing short of amazing! I was invited to cover this event and this was something I will never forget. This powerhouse also known as Claire Sulmers tours the country providing the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and tying in the artistic vibes of fashion, style and beauty into the entire extravaganza also known as Cocktails with Claire. Mister Ty Hunter joined her as head of the panel as well, and those who know fashion, know Ty Hunter (fashion guru, celebrity stylist and brand influencer), this dynamic duo set DC ablaze and brought a packed house on its DC stop.

Along the panel including some of the City's most prominent entrepreneurs;

  • Ayo Thomas (Founder of WOE Magazine)

  • Malik Jarrett (CEO of EAT)

  • Tamara Lee (Owner of HUSH Boutique/ Celebrity Stylist)

  • Sunni a.ka. Sunni & The City (Radio Personality & Brand Ambassador for Ciroc)

Moderated By Editor, Radio Host, Brand Influencer and Media Personality Chey Parker

The panel as you see was full of heavy hitters ready to provide the packed house with tips, words of advice, words of encouragement and the reality of being your own boss and achieving that with your complete dignity.

Held in the Shaw area of DC, the event catered to the fashion of the city, so many artistic expressions filled the room and it was great to see that all of them there, to appreciate and celebrate not only Claire & Ty, but the entire panel as a whole who have been leaving quite a mark on the DMV.

The panel talked about everything from the highs and the lows about running a business and they did not sugar coat anything. It was amazing to see them be so raw and allow us to know their secrets and methods on how they navigated in this industry.

I was able to interview the entire panel individually and I got a sense of why they are winning and that is due to the fact they all set a goal, went for it, and shared knowledge with others. It was a complete delight to be able to capture this moment.

Another Delight was the food from Chef HAckett, which made some of the best meals I have ever tasted, there were times I pretended I did not get anything so that I could have seconds lol.


All in all the event was a complete success and another city sold out for Cocktails with Claire.

I was afforded the opportunity to cover this event by three beautiful and talented forces in the DMV;

-Nia Rice

-Megan Alston

-Ciara Brooks

  • Nia Rice a.k.a Nia Events is an event planner and publicist & CEO of Serene Management

  • Megan Alston is an Event planner and CO- CEO of Serene Management and Real Estate Mogul

  • Ciara Brooks is a renowned Publicist , Event Planner and Brand Creator

RATING: 10/10


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