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EVENT REVIEW: PATisDOPE & Hail Zel Presents.... 'Dope or Nope'

ALL HAIL Zel & PATisDOPE for creating such an epic event!!!! Both brothers invited me to the first ever "Dope or Nope" artist showcase, which gives a voice not only to starving artist, but to the audience that has the ability to BOO you if your music is not up to par, yes I did say BOO, Apollo style, except no clowns drag you off the stage lol.

Created by one of the biggest bloggers and social media influencers out PATisDOPE and Social Media Sensation Hail Zel who came together to create this showcase that gives an outlet for artist to bring their artistry to the forefront and allow the audience to indicate if they are Dope or Nope.

Hosted by Social Media Sensation and host of The Hail Zel Show, Hail Zel kept the crowd entertained and often spit some bars of his own on the mic when some of the artists were just not cutting it.

The event as a whole was a huge success and a complete packed house. Sponsored By shoe brand Shoe City, clothing brand No Sponsor and our favorite nectar Smirnoff, it left for quite an amazing shindig. With DJ :Loud on the one's and two's the event was in full effect and these brothers created a movement that is sure to set the city ablaze.

I was able to navigate and capture everything with my camera as well as my dope cameraman @ShotByMLB

The event showcased some of the dopest talent from amazing singers, to dancers, to emcees to even percussionists.

Which is who won by the way.

Winner of the night, Drummer, Songwriter & Producer TWINK

All in all I was very impressed by the event Pat & Zel created and I can tell this will be an event that all artists will want to be apart of, so you two gentlemen have set the tone and the bar, I am excited to see what is next.

RATING: 10/10

Video Component featuring Interviews with PATisDOPE & Hail Zel will be out next week FILMED BY: @ShotByMLB

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