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EVENT REVIEW: "D.C. YA LATER (Farewell Party & Concert)" PRESENTED BY - Candice Nicole

It is always a sad day when your friends are departing and moving on to their next phase in life, but in this case it was a joyful experience as we watched two of our greats move on to become even better greats. I am talking about Candice Nicole and El Lambert of course.

Candice Nicole , owner of Candice Nicole PR has dominated the PR scene for the last 10 years while making the conscious effort to share her knowledge and put others in positions to be great stars, great artists and great publicists. Her other half El Lambert, recording artist and entrepreneur extraordinaire has been killing the music scene giving us that feel good R&B and hosting some of the most amazing events to hit the DMV.

This event was dedicated to their departure from the Chocolate City to the Queen's City also known as Charlotte, North Carolina.

D.C. Ya Later housed an amazing network experience and a joyous farewell to our top millennials in the area who are currently making it happen. I was able to cover this event , housed at the beloved Smith Public Trust in Northeast, DC, made for an intimate session where we got to hear and see everyone on a personal vibe and really bask in the greatness of not only Candice and El, but the amazing talent of the room.

Hosted by none other than Radio and TV Personality Aladdin Da Prince, the event went off with a hitch, starting with an amazing speech from both Candice and El then it was off to the amazing talent of the night, featuring performances from;

  • El Lambert (he had to kill the stage one last time for us)

  • Rue Pratt

  • Brandon Seron

  • London Savory

  • Allison Balanc

& MORE!!!!!!!!

From the amazing drinks to the amazing performances to the amazing atmosphere, you could not ask for a better way to leave out from the DMV

The event in all entirety was a huge success and a complete packed house. I know personally I could see the happiness and gratitude Candice and El had from receiving such love and it was very abundant. Everyone all in one room to celebrate and praise them for taking the leap of faith and moving on to their next chapter.

Now their market spans from the top of the east coast all the way to the bottom and this just shows you how magnificent their network is not only in the DMV, but everywhere.

RATING: 10/10

Cannot wait to see them in October once I arrive in Charlotte, head over to instagram and see some clips of what you missed.

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