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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Recipe4Winning "Why Stop Now"

Ladies and Gentlemen meet recording artist Recipe4winning. Making a staple debut, he pushes forth with his latest mixtape "Why Stop Now", which is a complete take on finishing the end goal and not giving up. From the extensive lyrical content to the amazing beats, this mixtape is surely to be set in the album category.

Starting off with Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech, you get the just that this masterpiece is following the title to its full existent. The Intro speaks to exactly who Recipe4winning is, which a hard working go getter who will not let the struggles of life deter him from his goals and dreams.

"They asking me why stop now, I just can't, I gotta keep going", he recites further dominating the theory of his conquering the game not coming to a halt anytime soon.

The next track follows the theme of course, entitled "Can't Stop", which is not only a inspirational song, but a banger at the same time, I found myself blasting this one three times in a row before I even made it to the next song.

To be completely honest I found myself jamming more then actually listening to make this review happen, which goes to show this brother has made a masterpiece. The songs that I kept on repeat and are sure to make you do the same are as follow; "Hold Up", "Levis", "Richmond", "Practice", "Counting Up", and "No reason".

My favorite track off the entire project is "Demons", which happens to be the bonus track. Produced by PlvyHaus you are instantly brought in by the mid-tempo sounds that string you in until the beat drops and then from there I completely vibed out. The way the chorus takes you on a ride is crazy, definitely a must hear and a must have.

RATING: 10/10

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