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PR SPOTLIGHT: Milan Mobley of (U Management Public Relations)

TMP: When did you begin in the field of PR?

MM: My Freshmen year at Bethune-Cookman University, I served as the Freshmen class Public Relations Coordinator. This was before I was officially a PR major before I even fully understood all that PR entailed. On the record, I graduated from The Great Bowie State University; I am definitely a proud Alumnae.

TMP: What is PR to you?

MM: I could, of course, give a textbook definition of what PR is to me. But it is more than a text book it is the opportunity for me to help and see my clients win, see their brands enhance beyond their visions. The opportunity to build a relationship not only with myself and that brand/client; but that client with their public and those media outlets. PR just bring so much joy and excitement to me each day, since each day in Entertainment PR is so different!

TMP: What inspired you to pursue Public Relations?

MM: Honestly, holding the position as the Public Relations Coordinator my first year in undergrad. The projects I was assigned allowed me to tap into creativity I didn't even know I had. Allowed me to think so out of the box. All this was so new to me, I had been an athlete for so long I had one way of thinking. Practice, work-hard and play; PR is that plus more!

TMP: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

MM: To work-hard, fight for your spot in this field and do not think it will be handed to you. Gain as many internships and as much as experience as possible. Build your connections, go to different events and meet people (i.e. Network). Put yourself in the situation, do not wait to be placed in the situation to receive the opportunity to succeed.

TMP: How do you want your clients to feel after doing business with you?

MM: I want them to feel accomplished and fulfilled. Also, like that should resign their contact and keep working with Umanagement!

TMP: What do you look for in a client when it comes to creating their brand?

MM: A client has to be dedicated and willing to go hard for their brand. If that client is dedicated and willing to do what they need to do to make it work; they are perfect in my eyes.

TMP: What is next for you?

MM: I always ask myself that, next for me, I'll be hosting branding seminar's, being your own publicist workshops and only the lord knows the rest!

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about Public Relations?

MM: That's a great question there are so many misconceptions. However, the biggest one is that Public Relations Handles Management, Assistant and Agent duties.

TMP: Are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

MM: Of course! Facebook is simple Milan Mobley and Instagram and Twitter @theemilanmobley

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