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SINGLE REVIEW: Kush Kevo "OverTime"

Overtime was influenced by the struggles I endured to get where I am today. In this track, listeners get to hear a snippet about challenges with my music, my family life, and the challenges I faced with people I used to call my friends. "I put in extra grind" and went from sleeping on floors, starving, and being broke to where I am now. Though I still have long to go, I can only thank the man above for the heights He has allowed me to see and this is only the beginning. Be on the lookout for my new tracks including my Freestyle "Guess Who's Back" which will be available on for streaming September 21, 2017 on Soundcloud. "Overtime" produced by JoovieDMV is available for streaming on Soundcloud now!

Starting off with the most trapped yet melodic instrumental piano introduction, this song off the breaks instantly had me rocking my head in anticipation of what was to come and then ladies and gentlemen, the beat drops:

"I Put in extra grind, cause even when they said that I couldn't, I knew I would shine"

Kush recites over a vibed out hip hop beat which leaves room for his pen to go crazy over the beat.

I was instantly put in the 90's feel as I listened to his words and the melody of the entire song. A song which speaks to the grind of making sure to put in the extra work to make sure you succeed. And I believe he did just that with this banger right here which can also be a motivator to other emcees who need that extra push to put them in overtime.

He asks "What you know about running out of time", which I believe might be my favorite part of the song but it buries the thought of wondering what it is we actually do with our time and how our focus shifts to not putting in overtime to what is it that we really need to be focused on.

After listening I felt as though I got to know Kush Kevo and the struggles that came forth from him trying to live his dreams, something I believe every listener can attest to.

All in all the song is a great song and definitely something I can play not only on my studio, but on my radio. Job well done Kush Kevo.

RATING 10/10

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