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EVENT REVIEW: Donna Jones LIVE! (Ivy City Smokehouse)

What other way can I describe such a dope event , hmmmmmmmmm, let me put it in one word........... EPIC!!!!!

Donna Jones who is a media personality, TV Host & Producer gave us an insight as we were able to capture her live in her full capacity and I must say I was very much impressed.

Held of course at the newest attraction and DC fan favorite Ivy City Smokehouse, we captured Miss Donna Jones at her best in LIVE form, did I mention this was LIVE!!!!!! We all got to capture Donna in her element and she created such a unique platform that allowed for such great conversation and amazing tips.

With a packed house we got to see Donna Jones interview some of the most prominent figures in the area such as:

  • Andre Wells (Event Producer & Designer,Lifestyle Guru)

  • Yvng Swag (Recording Artist)

  • Lightshow (Recording Artist)

The event in all was huge success, sponsored by brands such as,Xfinity and Boost Mobile. From amazing food to amazing drinks to amazing gift bags,Donna Jones LIVE was something to not miss.

S/O Serene Management who made the whole event happen. I was pleased to see Donna shine and be accepted by so many, if you missed this event, you definitely have to tune into her.

RATING: 9/10

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