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SONG REVIEW: Smoke Greene 'Dreams'

Dreams are something that speaks to the soul that wants to flourish and spread itself beyond measures. Well lets just say this song exemplifies that. Recording Artist Smoke Greene takes us on that journey with his new single "Dreams" which tells us how to get up and go make your dreams a reality.

"dreams that I'm seeing when I'm sleeping they be so vivid, wake up and go get it"

he recites over a classic vibed out beat produced by Yankes.

The song gives you that 90's feel as you sit back and vibe to the song and melody that speaks to so many of us that share the vision of enhancing a dream and making it a reality. Listening to the song I got a complete Nas vibe in all honesty it was refreshing to hear such a rare talent that is speaking on the bases of getting up and making it happen for yourself.

You can hear it in Greene's voice the hungriness of it all, you can hear him practically claiming his dream into fruition and declaring that I am going to get it by any means possible, which in all reality inspires me to continue going forward because I too have dreams that are so vivid and I wake up and go get it. This song might just be my new anthem, something so positive yet so powerful.

RATING: 10/10

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