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ALBUM REVIEW: Haute Rod "The Complication a Beautiful Tragedy"

Recording Artist Haute Rod released something like a masterpiece. This 11 track project displays the necessary vibes of old school hip hop with a modern twist.

The album starts off with a track entitled "Condo Dreams" ft Phllftyboiiurg which takes you on a ride down memory lane of the days of riding with your top down , cruising down the coast with a relaxing hip hop melody and amazing lyrics gracing your ears. It really captivates the vibrations of a calming spirit and puts you in a complete old school hip hop vibe.

The next track entitled "Rod" starts with an English accent woman who is praising Rod for his amazing progress then the beat drops with an amazing vocal that keeps you on the same vibe of the first track, so by this song I am already invested into the rest of the tracks.

The tracks that are sure to be bonafide hits are; "Let You Know", "F.T.W.", "No Dayz Off" and my favorite on the entire album is "Walking Through the Fire" which talks of the struggles and walking through them full force and preserving through to ultimate heights.

All in all the album is a great effort and I am definitely interested in hearing more from Haute Rod. I always enjoy hearing new talent with the skills of what we hear on the radio.


Rating 10/10

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