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SINGLE REVIEW: Alahji Ver$ace "Time" FT Lil Grim

Ladies and Gentlemen ALAHJI VER$ACE has arrived. His latest effort entitled "Time" is one for the books and is a certified hit. The song which is on a trap infused party beat immediately gets you in the zone as soon as the song begins. The three minute and forty-four second song is one that I can definitely hear over and over again

The song speaks on the bases of time being wasted, which I think we all can relate to. Our time is money and as Sweet Brown said it best "ain't nobody got time for that". The emcee finds himself telling those do not waste his time as he is currently moving and putting in work, so his time is money and if you are here to waste it, here's a heads up DON'T.

"I run up a check aye, don't call my phone aye, if it about a check aye, Don't waste my time aye" recites. I believe we all can relate to this song and understand what it is about keeping our time focused on what we need to be focused on.

Featuring Lil Grim, this song is an amazing effort to end the year off strong and hold as a staple for those who do not support time wasters.


RATING: 10/10

Solid effort and we are excited to hear more from Alahji Ver$ace

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