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EVENT REVIEW: Maya Milan PRESENTS: 'BONUS EP entitled "Eleven:Eleven"

Thanks to The PR Aliance, I had the pleasure of attending the Private listening session of the Re-Release of recording artist Maya Milan "11:11" which is now entitled "11:11 Reloaded" which features a few new tracks, one of which is featuring Recording Artist Rico Nasty, who has been everywhere, recently heard on 'Insecure' Season 2.

From amazing vocals to an amazing look, Maya Milan is ready to take over the music business in her full Purple Experience.

Full of taste makers, we all sat and listened to the genius of Maya Milan. Such vocal power and amazing tracks were heard. If you do not believe me, listen below:

Held at Radio One, we exclusively got to enjoy the entire piece and hear her vision out loud. All the music whose who's were in the room. Overall is was another great listening party.

RATING: 10/10