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EVENT REVIEW: Paint The Town Redz "Day Party Turnt Art Exhibit"

I had the pleasure of attending this event thanks to The PR Alliance. And lets just say this event was for the complete art lover. The event itself was dedicated to help raise awareness for Mental Health issues and showcasing the greatness of Art here in the city.

This event was important to me because though it had its appealing message of art, but the message behind the art was to help those who are really dealing with health issues and are not getting the help they deserve.

I was fortune enough to see such amazing talent in one room. The best exhibit of the night were the body painters.

A.D. Blackman to be exact was the man behind these amazing body paints, and he paid attention to detail and it showed tremendously. Held at the newest attraction Smith Commons on H street, it geared to a more intimate setting and allowed for everyone in attendance to get more personal and connect on a basis where you could actually feel each others presence.

The event featured music by DJ Cue "Q", Farrah Flosscett and Little Bacon Bear

With special guest from my brother Model, Actor, Athlete and Influencer who is making all the ladies go crazy , Lee Barney.

All in all the event was a huge success with an amazing turn out, I was honored to attend to see such great art and such great talent. Take a look below:

RATING: 9/10

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