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EVENT REVIEW: Justyn Iman PRESENTS ...... 'Empower, Inspire, Evolve FILM RELEASE'

Many people know Justyn Iman for being the bubbly, energetic and fun girl who would give the clothes off her back. Well I have gotten to know Ms. Iman personally and she is oh so much more than that. She is a creator, a writer, a visionary, a director, a mentor, a mediator and a kind loving friend always willing to help.

Her motto is Empower, Inspire, Evolve and this motto is what she lives by. We gathered all in the space for that motto exactly, as we watched her exclusive viewing for her new film, soon to be on Netflix, and learned of her struggles and her tools to help the everyday girl get through their hardships and trials.

Hosted by Media Personality and Radio Host Raven Paris, this event was nothing short of amazing. Held in Northwest, Washington, DC at the extravagant Mansion 'Josephine Butler Parks Center', it geared to a mature and grown vibe and did I mention, it was packed. So many people there to celebrate the goodness of Miss Justyn Iman.

Just a little bit about Justyn Iman:

A female leader with a special heart who is ambitious, god fearing and independent.

Those are just a few characteristics about the Executive Director of Laces to Bows. Every day Justyn Iman dedicate’s her life to the art of mentoring others.

The 23 year old Executive Director is a native of Washington, DC. At the tender age of 17, She took all of her trials and tribulations, believed in herself and created the blue print for Laces to Bows. As a teenager, Justyn suffered enough challenging moments which included battling low self-esteem, abandonment and looking for love in all the wrong places.

Instead of using hardship as a crutch, She used it as motivation to give back to the community. Since Laces to Bows began, Justyn made strives to make an impact in her community and plans to never look back. In 2014, She made huge accomplishments that showed her trials she had to endure was a message for somebody else. In this time frame, Justyn hosted a mentoring session and paid for 400+ girls to get their hair and nails done. Also, in that same year, she sponsored a family for the holidays and paid their monthly bills.

In 2015, Laces to Bows Inc. hosted a spa day and brunch in Baltimore, with special guest Yandy Smith, (Love & Hip Hop TV star), to speak to the kids. Soon after in 2016, Justyn Iman hosted an 8-week boot camp, and a back to school event with Downtown Locker Room (DTLR) sponsoring over 350+ kids with back packs, shoes, clothes, hair dyes for the young ladies and free hair cuts for The gentlemen. To kick off 2017, Another 8-week camp was presented to the public offering cooking and sewing classes, etiquette 101, and daily mentoring sessions covering confidence, determination, budgeting, and how to be a positive role model.

On behalf of the National Women’s History Month Award Show ’17 Justyn Iman was honored for all the great work she is doing with the youth.

In her 22 years of life, Justyn has not let neglect, or lack of love and support defeat her.

Laces to Bows Mentoring Program is the missing link that effects fundamental, economic and social change in EVERY community.

As you could see, the event was a huge success. I am very excited to see where this young lady goes and I am glad I can be here to watch the journey.


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