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EVENT REVIEW: SHOE CITY Presents..... 'Customer Appreciation Ice Skating Party' #YCMCisShoeC

Name a company who cares more about their customers...... I'll wait! Well while you think , my answer is Shoe City.

Dedicated to always pleasing the customer and giving total satisfaction, the Your City My City company decided to provide its customers with a free skating session at the Ellsworth Place Location here in Silver Spring MD.

The event was a huge success and beyond packed. Giving 100 free tickets at our Shoe City location there in Silver Spring, saw customers not only running to get there skate on, but many took heed to the latest inventory and products here at the store.

It was the joy, laughter and smiles from our loyal customers that made our day as everyone skated around the ring showing much appreciation to Shoe City for its continuous efforts of giving back to the community. I have always known Shoe City for being a community helper, but upon joining the team I witnessed a dedicated notion to continuously help and give to our customers who have made us who we are today.

Hosted by none other than Hail Zel and sounds provided by the great DJ Stevo, the event was a bonafide hit and the energy of the night spoke volume. NO ONE WANTED TO LEAVE!!!!!

How epic is that! is was that factor that reminded I am apart of something great, a company that looks out for the city and caters to the city. All in all, it was a great night to be able to capture another successful event and this being my first as Shoe City's Lifestyle Influencer and Blogger.

JOB WELL DONE TEAM, this is just one of many to come, remember Your City My City is Shoe City, and Shoe City always takes care of the city!

RATING: 10/10

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