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EVENT REVIEW: PatIsDope & Shaughn Cooper w/ SHOE CITY Presents...... 'New Balance Iconic Cre

Shoe City always stays ahead of the game Artistically.

In celebration of the new releases of New Balance #574, Shoe Citys own Pat Is Dope and Shaugn Cooper created an epic event that captured the artistic flare of what these New Balances give here in the culture.

Held at the Shoe City location here in Washington, DC (Benning Road Area), it catered to the creative eye of the district. Featuring amazing paintings from the talented Taruc M. This particular event was different from other shoe releases and that case in point was due to the artistic pin points that allow the mind to capture the shoe in not only just an element of fashion, but through a landscape of art.

Hosted by the one and only Hail Zel, the release itself was nothing short of being lit and with a host like Hail Zel, you have no choice but to have good vibes and great energy.

Catering was also provided by the amazing Chef JR Robinson of Kitchen Cray, which has been sweeping the city by storm with amazing meals.

So that's great food, great art, dope DJ, great gear and shoes all in one, now if that is not a collective steal, then I do not know what is. The thing I admire most is how innovative this event was and how forward with capturing the artistic value in eye of a garment or shoe is what set Shoe City apart that night.

The idea I took away from the event, well of course other than some great #574's, was seeing the artistic vision of a shoe which can help the fashion eye elevate to new heights.

Pat Is Dope and Shaugh Cooper, job well done!

RATING: 10/10

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