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#MIXTAPEMONDAY........... Mr. James DC "Alter Ego 2"

Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. James is back and thank goodness he brought his alter ego back to take us to the land of dopeness and rapid fire. Unlike the first of its kind, this mix tape takes a voyage on the road of trap, real life and the classic r&b vibes that connect all the dots together.

It starts with the hip hop track "Someday" which speaks on the basis of seeing someone again someday, which I believe will automatically capture the audience because we all have someone we pray to see again. I get extreme Method Man vibes instantly from this track and I must say it is such a dope track and a dope way to start of the project.

The next track is entitled "Rain and Tears" ft Ms. Meek and I must say I bopped my head the entire track, this one right here is classic hip hop too. The tone of his voice and the melody of Ms. Meek's vocals help set this track to the next bar.

Then the turn up begins and you instantly start rocking tracks 3-12. The tracks geared to be straight radio smashes are "Battle Within", "Up Next", "Money Stacker", "She Bad", "Hood Goals" and the popular track I think is the next hit "Popular".

If you do not believe me, listen below:

All in all the mixtape is an extremely great effort and makes me wonder what is next that Mr. James has in store for us.

My favorite track on the project is "Raised In The Streets", something about song just takes me back and allows me to see my story through the eyes of Mr James.

RATING: 10/10

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