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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Gizmo Vintage Honey

Gizmo Vintage Honey "The leader of the Old School and Mom of Senorita Wiggles"

Curb servin' entrepeneur de la vintage. Dj and hairstylist

Currently a fashion stylist known for "Vintagetainment" videos and actively looking for Senorita Wiggles the trusty obedient sidekick whom was STOLEN in plain sight while she was working. *yes the dog works!* The thievery act was captured on surveillance video!

Wiggles was a Silky Terrier (looks lile a Yorkie) sales associate that would meet and greet customers with hugs and kisses. Wiggles rang them up with the touch of a service bell!

Gizmo juggles combing the streets deaperately looking for Wiggles putting up flyers showing the video of Wiggles being stolen to Brooklyn residents, and and selling vintage clothing in

Brooklyn New York.

A Bedstuy resident slanging Recycle, reduce, reuse as the format of treasures. Found, be it in a store, closet or dumpster." If its Dope...consider it collected!" Hustling this shit is the everyday way of life as a Living! "Vintagetainment " videos give viewers a peek of the adventures of a girl desperately looking for her STOLEN dog and giving tips on how to find her with my parodies of "Everest for Wiggles" (the get up off the couch aint doing nothing anyway) and Anton Dodson (hide ya kids, hide ya wives, cuz they raping everybody 'round here! ) These videos and renditions of Fashion to the Music and UN-professional acting intoduce Gizmo to the social media platform of viewers as a girl taking matters into her own hands...cleverly... and using it all to try to get by! Pairing viewers with superb vintage finds and asking them to use their EYES to hopefully aid her in reuniting with her stolenand missing dog Wiggles.

The background as a vinyl dj intuitively inspires Gizmo to select "MUSIC AS THE MESSAGE" with her approach to tune viewers in with selected genres of house music, funk and soul, r and b and hip hop!

Former hairstylist abandoning hairsyling as a career of her past, and yet dissected up her business cards with photos of models and hairstyles. Using the models hairstyles and photos of work all accomplished by Educated Hands as price tags to intertwine hair and fashion on a recycle reduce reuse scale so to speak. "Been there, done that...and this is the Price! "

At the rate Brooklyn is flocking with new tenants..gems are always in a eye view feeding my Hoarding appetite. "THERES ALWAYS MORE !" I frequent flying back home to my birthplace of Omaha Nebraska, by way of Arizona and Pennsylvania. Smuggling DOPE SHIT across state border lines and selling it! VINTAGE TRAFFICKING AT ITS FINEST! Ha!

"AAAAND WE ARE LIIIIVE! " are popular videos capturing customers reactions in Selfie Mode and sharing them, their Business, Occupation and or reason for being in Brooklyn and shopping with Lulu at their convenience to give a SHOTOUT to and with the followers of Instagram. "Spread Love Its the Brooklyn Way" a common and popular phrase quoted by the slain rapper, resident and former Brooklynite Notorious B.I.G 's catchy chorus and reminder. Networking customers and small businesses with a 15 second video feature. We could all use a little help and a short quickie might do it!

LULU is the name of her collection of clothing as a Brand paying homage to her moms nickname. All of this rolled into one...and there you have it!

Location 324 Lewis Ave Brooklyn New York for now *temporary location* undetermined location of my next store...until then "Lulu's on the Run!" ( slogan for pop up shops until GOD plants Gizmo/Lulu where he wants them) Let the Adventures begin!

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