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EVENT REVIEW: Media Girls LA PRESENTS.. 'Beauty Media Tour' (Washington, DC)

Beauty made its way to DC as the 'Beauty Meets Media' Tour stopped here in the Washington, DC area to give us everything we need with Beauty and Media.

Powered By Media Girls LA : "Media Girls LA is comprised of female media socialites and influencers heavily engulfed in the entertainment industry. "The Media Girls” are dedicated to uplifting and sharing their knowledge, expertise, and experiences with those who aspire to be the next generation of “info-tainment” personalities. “The Media Girls” will use what they have learned through networking and other means of interactive exchange to expand their reach to all ages and levels of success in the field, as well as assist by providing them with essential tools for success and sustainability. Media Girls LA specialize in event planning, marketing, publicity, and branding."

The event went off without a hitch, held at the newest attraction in town 'The Fridge", the event saw a packed house full of beauty experts and entrepreneurs and influencers all ready to take note of this amazing panel and event.

The event catered to the understanding of Media and how it goes hand and hand with Beauty. The key component I took from this amazing event was the understanding of ones image and how it really can help and damage ones brand. The event had one of the most amazing panelists, who spoke on everything and really gave many inside tips that many people are not talking about.

Hosted By Radio and Media Personality Raven Paris, the event had no choice but to live up to a great name and that it did. I believed this event truly helped the female entrepreneur who just needed to hear real stories, real advice and real connection and I believe that was mastered.

I was afforded the opportunity to cover this event from Media Girls LA owner, Media Personality, Host and the list goes on lol MJ, who made sure everything went smoothly and that the message was conveyed thoroughly.

Let me not forget either, food and drinks were served the entire function, so this in addition to everything made this event a complete success. I hope that many brands and entrepreneurs look more into Media Girls LA and the great work they do for so many brands. This event was just another example of why they are successful. They are giving tips and sharing wisdom for the next batch to come and I was excited I got to capture such a great moment and event.



RATING: 10/10

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