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Meet Recording Artist ShadSpits, and his name is just that. The brother is a complete lyricist wrapped up into todays millennial charting funk. Hailing from Washington, DC, he brings that flare that only a DC native can, to the rap game and it is beyond appeasing to the ears; do not believe The Media Prince, well


""Bloodas" and "Stranger Things" both produced by T975. These tracks are my leading singles from my upcoming project "Terrigenisis" i'll be releasing in June. Both of the songs give you that turning struggle into strength and power in there own unique way type of vibe. I got the term "Terrigenisis" from Marvels A.O.S and Inhumans series and its basically how each inhuman went through this process before receiving their power. I feel like we receive ours through life. Our very own terrigenisis. Available on all platforms for streaming, purchase, and download. "

3 Mottos ShadSpits Lives By:

“I can’t complain”

“God is good all the time, all the time god is good”

“Say Less”