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EVENT REVIEW: InDaBooth Presents... "Arts 'N Beats"

Arts 'N Beats, the home of showcasing some of the most dopest talent the country has to offer is back and launched off better than ever. The event in itself is something worth catching, so much great acts show up and show out and it really allows you to get a taste of how great the artistry scene is here.

Held at the newest attraction to Washington, DC: 'Unionstage', set the bar really high for this already epic showcase, which many artists feast at the chance to perform. Unionstage showed such growth in Arts 'N Beats and the atmosphere was even greater. Being as though I have been fortunate enough to attend and review many of the past events, this one felt near and dear as I have personally watched the growth and structure of this epic showcase and seeing the arena it now plays in made me The Media Prince feel ultimately super proud.

Many acts performed this night, which included; Kora The Artist, Flex Kartel, Noochie, Biggs Cooley and so much more, and when I say these were high caliber artists, I mean it. Sponsored by Avion and InDaBooth TV, made for an epic night. I got to capture everything back stage, and so much organization is what I observed, which lets me know this is why these events are so successful....... ORGANIZATION!!!

Altogether the event was huge success and had a packed crowd. Hosted by the one and only Gia Peppers, what more could you really ask for on a beautiful Sunday evening. Lots of good vibes, lots of good music and just plain ol' lots of fun is what happened Aprill 22nd.