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EVENT REVIEW: Models Inc. PRESENTS..... 'Bad Boy Ent. Reunion Tribute Show'

Models Inc, Models Inc, boy oh boy do they deliver every time. And they did it, once again, this time showing tribute to one of best record labels of all time "BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT". The epic 2 hr stopping show catered to all the hits we know and love and often times you caught yourself standing up dancing as if you were apart of Models Inc.

Dedicated to all the acts of Bad Boy, we saw Faith Evans, Lil Kim, 112, Mario Winans, Carl Thomas, Total, Biggie Smalls, Mase, Diddy and so much more.

The Live action show started at 7pm and from that point on, we were drawn into epic dances, epic walks and did I mention epic looks. Everything looked amazing and so fashion forward and left the mind to wonder, imagine if they looked this dope in the 90's (Models Inc made everything look even more extravagant then the 90s).

As you can see the show was beyond epic. So much talent graced the stage and in such a dynamic way, all I could do was just watch in amazement. All the time and effort to make this show, was really showcased this night. I salute Bang and Mother for the dedication they put into making these shows the talk of the town. Pure perfection, no one missed a step, I honestly believe Models Inc has the chops to perform with the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna.

Held at Flowers High School, located in Springdale, MD geared to a complete packed house. No seat was empty and honestly no one sat as Models Inc. kept the crowd on their feet. I really appreciate great artistry like this and what I appreciated most about this show was that the experience in a whole was purely great, I felt right at home and was able to get an unbelievable show.

All in all the show was amazing and something to not have been missed. Models Inc, who have been featured on Fox 5 news, Wale's Platform and even Queen B herself, always knows how to put on a great show, and that goes to show again Bang and Mother are putting in a lot of time and effort and it show with every show.

RATING: 10/10

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