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EVENT REVIEW: Broccoli City PRESENTS "Broccoli Conference"

Broccoli City is a week long event dedicated to the strengthening of communities, well beings and environment. I was fortunate enough to witness Broccoli Con thanks to one of the top Power Business Women in the game, Tracy Anderson (Vice President of Public Relations/Account Director/Engagement Marketing at Burrell Communications). With this opportunity I engaged in a world of green living, green eating and green plans for a green future.

Held at Google Headquarters here in DC, led for a very intimate feel where you could really feel the speakers and audiences input on today's issues regarding our earth. Powered by Toyota, everything worked in accordance to the development of a better eco-friendly future.

The panel of which I was able to report on included Actress, Comedian, DJ & Recording Artist Amanda Seales

& Actor Laz Alonso who too is a Washington, DC native and Cuban just like The Media Prince, but to say the least, these two were very concise, gave amazing tips and provided great life stories that resonated with everyone attendance and allowed many people like myself to see what little steps we could take just to make sure we are moving our Earth in a better place.

Throughout the entire event, I witnessed some amazing brands that are really shaping the community in great ways such as; Trap Garden, Black Millennial's for Flint, Food Talks DC, Turning Natural and so much more. It was so refreshing and exciting to see so many of my black brothers and sisters thriving to make the world a better place literally!

By the end of the night I had, even more appreciation for what not only what Toyota is doing, but Broccoli City as well for this outlet that allows us to come together and share ideas, and actually great ones that help us live a more sustained life. Growing up as a black kid in the less privileged areas, we did not have many programs and outlets like this and it was such a honor to see my people climbing the ladder and pulling up others to make a better way of living for us all.

RATING: 10/10

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