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EVENT REVIEW: Grand Money Records PRESENTS "Pariz M (Burning in Pariz) EP Release Party"

Pariz is Burning and in a good way. Recording Artist Pariz M launched his EP in a major way and I must say I was beyond impressed. 

The brother had a packed house all waiting in dire need of his EP. Located at Trips nightclub in Balitmore MD, lead for the perfect atmosphere to let loose and get completely lit with the music.

Soon as Pariz M got on the mic, the crowd went wild and when I say wild I mean. STRAIGHT BANANAS was the complete vibe and this was definitely a good thing. Pariz had the crowd on its feet and showed exactly why is a contender in the rap game. 

 Recording Artist and Television Star Mariah Lynn made her way through, which made the night even more epic. It was dope to watch them in their element and seeing the crowd love every bit of energy that Pariz and Mariah gave the crowd was so madly epic.

The EP showcases exactly who Pariz M is, which is a superstar. If you missed this release party, you missed out on a treat.

 RATING: 10/10

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