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EVENT REVIEW: "The Playlist VOL. 2"

The Playlist Vol.2 showcased talent beyond measures. An outlet in Baltimore that brings creatives from all over country together to not only network but be able to join together in the new wave of Live artwork.

Held at a private location, which adds to the mystery and attraction for such an event like this.

I had the pleasure of being able to cover this dope event thanks to Keenan System ( a thriving entrepreneur that is currently making wave over the east coast).

With DJ Holliwood on the ones and twos, it served for an epic night of fun, laughs, networking, music & great vibes.

Recording Artist Bandhunta Izzy mad his way through the event which made the crowd go even more wild. It dope to just see so much appreciation and respect for the art life.

All in all great event, Vol 3 is sure to be even greater and if you missed it, then that means you were not invited lol, just kidding! or am I!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to everyone who helped create this event and to all the dope creatives who came out and made their presence known.

RATING: 10/10

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