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Krystal Garner is a young renaissance woman who has combined heart, hope and hustles to make her dreams come true. The young businesswoman and fitness enthusiast is not only building her empire, but she is slated to be a cast member on BET's newest show "The Grand Hustle" with TI.

On July 19th, the season premiere of BET's new show, "The Grand Hustle" will air at 10pm. This show will give aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to compete for a spot at T.I.'s record label "Grand Hustle" and a $100,000. We'd love to chat about tips for healthy living life while being a girl on the go, getting large brands such as Adidas to gravitate towards her and her newest all-star sports team basketball beauties and much more. The goal is to be a household name. The person that people will look at and say, if she can do it so can I. No matter what age or circumstances, you only have one life so take risks. I have a huge focus on young people in underprivileged neighborhoods. Teach them things I learned late, much sooner such as the importance of credit, savings, investments, continuous education, health, and self-help. What makes her a young renaissance woman you ask? It's her unique consulting services for people that want to get in debt analysis on their entertainment career goals.

Interview with The Media Prince

TMP: Take us back when did your background in entertainment begin? KG: I remember my Junior year in high school, I was able to audition for my high schools annual fashion show! High School of Fashion Industries was an extension of FIT and our show was always attended by top designers and often celebrities! Getting a taste of that production enticed me to want to continue a career in the entertainment industry. TMP: Your career is blossoming before our eyes, how are you handling the exposure? KG: Over the past few years I’ve been blessed to have booked a few opportunities that have made me somewhat recognizable. Don’t get it twisted, it’s a grind and it never stops. What people often don’t realize is that there are so many sacrifices you have to make in order to attain this dream. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to mentally prepare for moments where it’s a REAL struggle and I’m never too good for ramen, lol. TMP: What do you think have been your keys to success? KG: I believe the major key to my success is my foundation and relationship with God. There are tough times and if you don’t have a strong foundation, it will be very hard to weather the storms. TMP: You have an athletic background, tell us more about that? KG: BALL IS LIFE! Man basketball has been nothing but a dope growth tool for me. It’s taught me so many life lessons while keeping me in shape at the same time! I started playing with the dudes from my hood in elementary school to playing NCAA college basketball. I still hoop these days and love when people challenge me to a one on one! Anyone can get this work!

TMP: What is your motto you live by? KG: Dreams are real, you just have to dream while wide-wake.

The reason I continuously say this quote is because when you think of the word DREAM, it’s a desire you have while sleeping. Therefore, if you have a dream that you want to achieve in life, how can you achieve it while you’re asleep? Your dream isn’t going to just fall into your lap because you thought about it. You have to wake up and go after it, manifest your dream!

TMP: You are currently seen every week on BET on TI's "Grand Hustle", how did this opportunity come about? KG: I’m subscribed to so many different casting sites. When the opportunity came through, it didn’t say who it was for but that there was a chance to work with a multi-media mogul. As a hustler in real life, I saw this as the most perfect opportunity for me. TMP: What has the experience taught you and what is it like? KG: While being a cast member, it’s like I learned how to have even more confidence in my abilities. I learned to always be a student, not to be afraid to learn and to always be adaptable. It was super cool to be able to build and create with other like-minded hustlers!

TMP: So many people are rooting for you, how does it feel to receive so much support? KG: Dope AF! I’m so grateful to have people believing in me, cheering for me and it goes such a long way! It’s a mindset boost for me because now when I go into my auditions, I feel like I have people that are rooting for me to be successful. TMP: Now you do everything from radio, to modeling to acting to fitness, does it ever become overwhelming? KG: It’s not overwhelming because this is my career choice. When you are able to live a life doing what you love, every opportunity is a blessing.

TMP: What tips would you give to an up and coming entrepreneur on the rise? KG: You have to make sure you have the mindset to face all the tribulations that will come your way. Once you have that, make a decision! You have to decide that you will achieve your goal. Take action, get out there and manifest your dreams. Lastly, never give up and don’t be afraid of change. Everything happens in its desired time. TMP: What is next for you? KG: Right now I’m writing my first personal development piece. I believe that it’s only right to motivate others with the tools I’ve utilized to get me to where I am today. TMP: What would you do with $100,000? KG: Investment for Garner Enterprises, LLC. and start my non-profit organization.

TMP: Do you have a facebook, instagram, and website?

Of course, I’m Krystal Garner on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

My website is

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