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EVENT REVIEW: MMCA (Multicultural Media Correspondents Association) PRESENTS "Diversity In The

I was privileged with the opportunity to witness such a diversified panel focused on the diversity in the media industry. Big Thank you to Miles Ahead Entertainment and MMCA for allowing me the opportunity to capture such an amazing event and panel. Diversity in media is so prevalent right now and of course we are seeing the great strides of diversity in media, but we have so much further to go.

The Panel consisted of Actress Regina Hall, Actors Russell Hornsby & Common and a host of great talent that are really involved in the media world such as; Walt Disney Studios, Netflix, ABC Studios & Nielsen. Hosted by Congresswoman Val Demings, the panel catered to the viewpoints of knowing and understanding not only diversity, but its way in the media world. Actress Regina Hall, Actors Russell Hornsby & Common are the cast of “The Hate U Give”, which is out today and tells the detailed viewpoint of diversity and how it is portrayed through something we know as prejudice and racism. Together they shared excellent viewpoints on exactly what they see as diversity in the media realm as well as what they want to see in the realm in the future.

I was afforded the opportunity to interview these amazing actors prior to the panel and get a real in depth look at their views on diversity in media.


So many tips, advice and power for the future advancement of media was given out throughout the panel and it was so refreshing to hear our voices who have made it across to bring back the tips that guided them on their journey be so relevant to us in our journeys.

There was no gray area, everything we wanted to know, they answered. This monumental panel happened during the Congressional Black Caucus here in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Convention center. It was such an amazing feeling to be in a room filled with successful people who looked like myself. And I must point out that the room was packed.

Key notes taken away was understanding your worth, understanding your network and always doing research. For those who did not get to witness this greatness, lost out on a sure treat. This panel was insightful, witty and full of knowledge that we needed to hear to get us to our next hurdle.

"About MMCA: The Multicultural Media Correspondents Association was established to move the needle on media diversity. Our primary objective is to highlight the media diversity crisis and create a common ground environment that would serve as a bridge to bring together policymakers, influencers, thought leaders and media stakeholders to promote, encourage and develop innovative solutions to address these concerns.

RATING: 10/10

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