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Hfrinks has become the leader of the epic parties given in Baltimore, MD. His parties have become something the city not only craves for, but are consistently on the lookout for. I had the pleasure of witnessing his very first new twist on his parties, where he created his own brunch party, very similar to that of Roc Nation.

Held at the Cylburn Arboreturn in Balitmore, geared to an amazing atmosphere filled with all the whose who's and the people of Baltimore who came to witness Hfrinks brunch in person. The venue was very classy yet turnt to the max and it was completely packed to capacity. The visual aspect of the venue was so epic, you walk in and immediately see the HN18 sign decorated with roses and flowers, then you are guided to the backdrop which is filled with white flowers

Then you head down a staircase, which is where you are greeted with waitresses ready to hand you a beverage

and a set up of some of the most amazing food

and did I mention a full bar. From there you go into the big room which is where the party begins. White sofas, dim lights, bumping DJ, bottle girls and twerkin music and bam the epicness began. Checkout the pics below and see what you missed out on.

Hfrinks should pretty much feel epic because his Brunch was one for the books: