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EVENT REVIEW: Jazzy Janelle PRESENTS.... "The Experience (Makers In The DMV)"

Janelle "Jazzy" creator of The Jazzy Janelle Show, Janelle Z. Beauty & Zenobia by Janelle, is one of the city's thriving entrepreneurs and is always wanting to help the next entrepreneur to the next level. "The Experience (Makers In The DMV)", was just that, a panel dedicated to helping with the advancement of entrepreneurs from the city and bridging the gap between established brands and up and coming brands.

​Moderated by Monica Cambrel-Lane, and a host of panels dedicated to knowing your craft, working your craft and profiting on your craft and understand your crafts worth. The idea of thinking one can just wake up and begin a brand without the ground work is something that was heavily expressed. I took away from this event the clear consciousness of making your brand better and taking the necessary steps to do so and not limiting your brand because others are advancing.

The event itself also was a host to a numerous amount of vendors, take a look below;

Filled with a packed audience, I was able to capture how much this information was needed to the fellow entrepreneurs in the audience and the key tip was never thinking you already know something. Often times we think we have everything answered when in fact we are here to learn more and more and this event was a proven example for the new entrepreneurs of the city.

Job well done to the creator Janelle who wears many hats in the city as a professional Celebrity Make Up Artist and Media Personality. This event was needed and beyond informative for the new leaders of the city.

RATING: 10/10

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