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EVENT REVIEW: Wave God & Allhomage PRESENTS........ "The Mixxup LIVE Vol. 2"

The Wave God & Allhomage have done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An epic showdown where all the elites of DMV can come parlay & (excuse my old language) Have a funky good time.

Held at the Big Chief in Ivy City, catered to a completely packed house there to get pure entertainment.

With Allhomage on the one's & two's, of course led to amazing vibes, he played everything epic and even made us 90's babies feel oh so special. There were enormous amount of vendors throughout the event showing of some of the most amazing brands the city has to offer.'

Take a look:

Some of DMV's major talent took center stage from Ayye Pap to Davy Ruffin to Flex Kartel, take a look:

This event in a whole is an experience, something one must capture in its full entirety. If you missed out on Volume 2, Volume 3 will be here October 25th,

RATING: 10/10