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EVENT REVIEW: Hennessy PRESENTS "Master Blender's Selection No. 3"

The complete experience of this event as a whole was amazing, held at the newest attraction, District Square at the DC Wharf, gave for an up close in person interaction with the brand itself and allowed for amazing tasting of the Master Blend's Selection No. 3. The taste was quite smooth and I had not one, not two, not three (let's just say I had a lot) cups worthy to make sure I tasted exactly what this blend brought to the table. I most certainly impressed with its smoothness and I was able to drink it with or without chaser.

Check out the Selection:

Penthouse vibes we looked over the sea and enjoyed the taste and the atmosphere of the night. Everything about the night spoke class and suaveness. The Dark gave the experience and brought a completely new taste to DC.

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RATING: 10/10