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EVENT REVIEW: Alex Vaughn PRESENTS... 'The Shift' Album Release Party

Alex Vaughn, how do you sum up Alex Vaughn?

Well for one she is a brilliant songwriter and amazing singer and oh yeah, she is super LITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

The night as a whole was an experience one which you get lost in the music and the overall atmosphere of the night. Imagine being able to go to one of your favorite artists listening parties and being able to just be one with them. Well lovers of Alex Vaughn got to feel just that.

Alex Vaughn Debuted her new LP "The Shift" to a phenomenal sold out crowd at the newly chocolate city craze 'Diet Starts On Monday'. Take a look at the pics below

The Release Party Had all the whose who's of The DC Area from Dominique Da Diva to DJ Money to Anwaa Kong the list goes on. Hosted by none other than Aladdin Da Prince, the night called for a complete vibe and that's exactly what took place that evening.

Everyone was on their feet and too see the happiness beam off Alex Vaughn's face was priceless and did I mention it was her birthday as well. Now that's what you call a complete turn up.

All in all the night was a pure success and was completely packed out and what more could you ask for.

RATING: 10/10

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