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EVENT REVIEW: Sunni and The City & Lift Bridge Publishing PRESENTS.... "Still I Shine Book

We all want to Shine like Sunni. Sunni and The City that is!

Sunni and The City whose name has become a landmark of pop culture here in the DMV. She graces us with her wit and expertise every morning on WPGC 95.5FM on the Joe Clair Morning Show showcasing her dynamic charm and fiery attitude that allows her to make the boys clubs all about the powerful woman.

A new notch to add to her belt is author. We all bared witness to the launch of her book release "Still I Shine: Refugee to Radio, Living the American Dream" which details the detrimental struggles of a woman who fought her way to the top and the power of not giving up ((I have been reading it all week and I must Sunni did her thing)).

We all gathered at the newly beloved craze here in the nations capital Broccoli Bar which is a conjunction of &Pizza and Broccoli City, to watch Sunni beam in her glory. Her release was beyond packed and all the whose who's of the city came thru to witness her epic release. With Joe Clair and Tony Lewis Jr speaking words of encouragement and testifying to the power of Sunni and The City altogether shaped the night which projected nothing but positivity.

In all the event was amazing, Sunni job well done and thank you for giving us a treat with your new book venture. Big Shoutout to Lift Bridge Publishing which made the event not only happen but made the night run smoothly and stay on track and allow us as media to get every bit of information we needed for the night.

Take a look at more pictures from the night and download and purchase the book here:

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