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Sinners Wanted details the struggles within a Church that manifests in our everyday life. It showcases the life of a good man dedicated to love, truth and the gospel and God's ever loving graces on those who come to him in need.

Focused on the tale of a Pastor and a Prostitute, I know Blasphemy lol, but it tells a more solid truth and showcases the reflection of truth we must take upon ourselves as we walk in the light of God.

Take a look at the trailer:

Looks juicy doesn't it, but get your minds out the gutter and take your minds into the realm of the understanding of what can and cannot be. I was honored enough to witness the showing at the Magic Johnson Theater in Largo by executive producer Tressa Azarel

and did I mention it beat out the movie US the entire weekend, I must say you can go ahead and clap right here and the entire team that created this were black ((yup I see you really clapping now lol)).

Take a look at the sold out show:

In all I rate this movie a 10 out of 10. It is a must see and an amazing perspective on how to care about others and working on judging those as if we should not be judged. I salute the entire team and productions as I was thoroughly impressed.

Meet the Creators:

Undoubtedly talented and committed to his craft, Jimmy Jenkins is a breakthrough director and producer from Prince George’s County, MD. He is the middle son of Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr and First Lady Trina Jenkins of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Glenarden, MD. He attended Elmhurst College in Chicago, IL where his passion for theater and film blossomed. He was an athlete and when a severe injury forced him to return home to Maryland, he started United Empire, a multi-dimensional company that offers services in production, film, music and athletics. Jimmy went on to graduate from Salisbury University with a bachelor’s degree in media production and minor in film.

Though young in age, Jimmy demonstrates the skill and commitment of a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry. In, 2011, Jimmy wrote, directed and produced his first theatrical production, Heartless Journey. Over the next few years he directed and produced “Transpose: The Orchestrator”, a stage play entitled “Zion,” a full length feature film Transpose: The Movie. He became known as the youngest director to produce and full length stage play, the youngest filmmaker from Washington, DC and the youngest to sell out the Prestigious Magic Johnson Theater in Largo, MD.

Jimmy spent time working at Black Entertainment Network (BET) and Tyler Perry Studios. In partnership with Eastern Star Church, the Largest African American church in Indianapolis, Indiana he directed and wrote the stage play Creeps and Silly Women drawing a crowd of over 2500 attendees. He now is one of the founders and co-owners of Jenk Ink, LLC with his older brother Joshua Jenkins. In 2016, they achieved great success with their stage play Black Boy Blues and in 2017 they filmed their first budgeted feature film entitled Sinner Wanted starring celebrity actors Lamman Rucker, Clifton Powell and many other notable actors that will be in theaters in 2018 -

Meet The Producer:

Tressa "Azarel" Smallwood is the Award Winning Publisher of Life Changing Books INC, co founder of MegaMind Media, a movie producer, author and speaker.

In 2003 she resigned from her teaching tenure to fulfill her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Within two months after writing her first novel, A Life to Remember she raked in over 40K in sales, and has since then turned her knowledge into a multi-million dollar empire. Her entrepreneurial work both as an author and movie producer have been featured in Black Enterprise, Hip Hop Weekly, EURWeb, The Source and Rolling Out. With over one hundred forty book titles published in print to date and even more digitally, Life Changing Books, more lovingly known as (LCB) was awarded Independent Publisher of the Year in 2011 and has since expanded into the film industry with Life Changing Films & MegaMind Media. Life Changing Films & MegaMind Media debut SECRETS adapted from the J. Tremble novel Secrets of a Housewife was released in 2016 and was Featured Narrative Film at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) and in 2017 on BET. Smallwood released feature Secrets is in post-production on feature film All In set to release 2018. When she is not teaching others how to write and publish or reviewing scripts for her promising film catalog Tressa is mentoring girls ages 10-17 on becoming self-starters and leaders through her program, Be The Boss Entrepreneurial Program. -

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