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Meet Asia Graves. The youngest superstar signed to The UpperClassmen Music Group, an independent label established by Grammy Award winning producer duo Ayo N Keyz.

She’s the perfect girl next door with a little bit of sass and edge. Born in North Carolina, the singer, songwriter who’s militant family moved to various places around the world, eventually made her way to Atlanta where she began to pursue music at seventeen years old. Determined to master her craft, Asia began spending late nights in the studio, penning her emotions and recording music only true to herself that could have any young girl in their feelings. Her mellow yet soulful tone is sweet to the ear but her impactful lyrics resonate and she’s a voice you definitely won’t forget.

With the release of "Yes " and "Addicted", two melodic, summertime vibes, Asia was able to gain nearly 50,000 listens on Soundcloud alone in just a couple months with no major push. Now, her most recent release “Missin You”, the sample of an old RnB favorite has begun to create a buzz for the songstress and was even able to attract the originator himself. As Asia prepares for her debut EP, set to release this year she’s organically built a solid fan base that’s waiting for the young star to make her mark.

Checkout her new single Below: