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It smells like summer! (5 Summer Essentials)

It smells like summer! Y’all know the scent, that wonderful mix of bug repellent and food burning on the barbecue grill or the strong scent of chlorine mixed with tropical fruit notes from your favorite shampoo or conditioner!

Yassssss summer is among us!

As we prepare for the cookouts, day parties, City Girls sing-a-longs, and all the other ratchery that summer inspires, they are some foundational things that we women must ensure is included in our summer essentials.

For some, this list may be common sense, but I live by the motto “NO SEESTER LEFT BEHIND!” So, while this list may be a refresher to some, for many it will be checklist to ensure we all live our best lives this summer.

All the items listed on my summer essential recommendations are of all equal importance and are not listed in any particular order.

A Wax

Sis, sis, sis, siiiiissss. This article is not about the benefits of waxing, but in 2019 and in the age of social media I’m sure you’ve heard about why you need to! Waxing is especially beneficial in the summer because it lasts longer, decreases sweat in that area, and reduces in-grown hair bumps (I mean you don’t want all that when trying to get those cute flicks for the gram)!

But most importantly let’s not forget how it looks! I’ve heard many say “oh I’m scared,” but trust me hunty when you see yourself…you will wonder why you didn’t I start sooner. Get you a wax and stay prepared because you never know when you will get that call to come drive the boat.

Proper Undergarments

Whew chile, this is my pet peeve. We are not…I repeat…WE ARE NOT doing panty lines in the summer ladies. From high to low end, proper undergarments are available everywhere! A few types of underwear that are a must for summer are seamless, thongs, G-strings, or no panties at all! Whatever suits you best, but we should not be seeing a panty print through your sundress or your purple panties through your white shorts. It’s just not cute.

Wipes for your purse

I learned this one about two years ago and I’m happy I did.Ladies, we all know that summertime crotch is no joke. It’s never as bad a man’s sweaty balls, but women can develop a little stench when going a little too hard. No one wants to smell your sweaty cooch as you twerk to Meg the Stallion’s Simon Says. Or, what if you’re drunk and heaven forbid there isn’t a restroom in site? Keep some wipes in your bag! They always come through in the clutch and keep you feeling fresh all day.

Blotting Paper

Have you ever looked at yourself after drinking at a party or depending on where you live…even getting to the party LOL? Blotting paper helps remove that excess shine and oil that develops on your face, leaving your makeup looking poppin’ all day!


Makeup is definitely not a summer essential. In fact, I prefer to let me skin breath by doing a simple lash and maybe some highlighter. However, when I do wear makeup, I want to be sure it’s the right kind to withstand summer heat and my summer tan. I typically look for makeup that has spf30 in the foundation, and I also look for skin tints. Spf30 protects the skin from the sun and skin tints typically provide lighter coverage so my face does not appear to look cakey once sweat begins to build. Be sure to wear the proper makeup to ensure you don’t look crazy for the let out and more importantly to avoid breakouts.

While I have a longer list of summer essentials, I feel these are the ones that are still being missed in 2019. I mean I hope y’all are drinking y’all water because if not…lawd, but that’s for another blog post. Please share your thoughts with my on my summer essentials list and let me know what would you add to the list! Let’s all live our best lives this summer ladies, while ensuring that we are looking, smelling, and feeling good!

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