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EVENT REVIEW: CAMPAIGN makes its way to Shoe City


Malik Sneed is the name to remember.

Who is Malik Sneed, well this is the man above and creator of the clothing and accessory brand Campaign.

" The Campaign, LLC is an apparel brand focused on providing affordable streetwear and fashion accessories that connects individuals to a movement with gear that reflects their purpose. We are a brand with a Purpose, a company on a Mission, building a community as a MOVEMENT.

​Campaigns’ Founder, Malik Sneed, is a millennial who identifies with the unique challenges facing his generation and is committed to using The Campaign, LLC as a platform to counter the apparent sense of hopelessness with an apparel brand that inspires individuals to seek out and identify with their own sense of purpose. Our aim at The Campaign, LLC is to capture their attention with a message of hope that inspires them to take action related to fulfilling their purpose." -

As you can see the brand is doing amazing and now is available throughout all Shoe City's for the world to take apart of and join the campaign way.

He made his debut in a major way introducing the Baltimore brand to the complete DC experience. Let's just say the event was beyond lit and I mean lit (event was so jumping the speaker caught fire). With TCB cranking, customers lining up at the register, food and drinks being passed around, made way for an epic release.

It was an honor to watch Malik enjoy his release and enjoy the vibes of the city as people purchase his attire.

Overall epic Release, the attire is selling out and this experience was for the books, everyone and their momma was there and Campaign really made its mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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