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DON'T BE SO ANGRY (#AngrilyEverAfter The D.C. Showing)

I, Livengoodlivin, stopped by the Duke Ellington School of the Arts this past Wednesday to get the scoop on a BET exclusive film dropping this upcoming Saturday at 8 pm titled “Angrily Ever After.” Being the vision of DMV native and executive producer Chuck West, director Terri J. Vaughn, and OCTET productions, I was so happy that the film, aside from having Hollywood style production sometimes missing from straight to TV films, had a bit of “DMV flair” in it. (I will not say how due to spoilers so tune in Saturday and watch the film.)

The event started off with a long line outside and a dazzling display out with the film photo backdrop with a red carpet. I must say a lot of people were in attendance and they definitely slayed. As soon as I walked in, I proceeded to the theatre and the film played. Without giving too much spoilers, Angrily Ever After accurately portrays the concepts of duality in relationships while geniusly developing complex characters throughout the film. With transparent and relatable emotions from the cast, hilarious scenarios, and a taste of the DMV, I’m happy to say “Angrily Ever After,” is not your “run of the mill” comedy but a well written romantic drama with comedic features.

Throughout and after the film, constant applause was given from the audience for a film well done.

After the showing, certain members of the cast were asked on stage about certain questions. Each member gave their backstory, inspiring and empowering the audience with heartfelt and captivating narrative. One story stood out to from, Terayle Hill who portrayed Austin Bean had a story which almost had me in tears from the place of passion he spoke from.

“I remember growing up, me and my brother always wanted to be on the big screen. Unfortunately, he passed away recently, right before the film started. I was broke paying for the funeral. I got a call about this film, I was asked ‘Do you see yourself in this film?,’ he paused to catch himself from tearing up and proceeded. “I took the risk of my life without somebody who always supported me. It was so hard but the cast mates and production staff made this experience worth it.” He was not the only one who caught me eye with a compelling backstory.

Tyrone Brown, who portrayed the love interest of the main character Tia Logan, Von Joyner, is no stranger to the big screen. Having prominent roles in hit series in Starz “Power,” and OWN’s “Love is, had a struggle from a different perspective. “People would always tell me I was doing so good because they saw me on TV, I went through depression for a bit because I wanted to do better. When I first started my days in New York looking for gigs, I went through so many rejections. This film made me feel so good, I got a bigger role and I’m happy that I see everybody in the audience is telling me I nailed it,” he said. When the panel was finished, everybody walked out of the theatre and proceeded to the main hall where everybody greeted each other at the reception with refreshments.

Overall, It was an inspiring and empowering event, with a good movie and stories I will remember for the rest of my life.

Main Cast and Production

Directed by - Terri J. Vaughn

Writing Credits - Cas Sigers-Beedles

Executive Producer - Chuck West

Cinematography Lead - Charles Stancliff

Casting - Brett Dismuke

Set Decoration - Jawan Wells

Production Design And Art Direction - Sofale Ellis

Main Cast

Tia Logan - Jasmine Burke

Malcolm Bright - Todd Anthony

Kenny Lattimore - Himself

Von Joyner - Tyrone Brown

Terayle Hill - Austin bean

Ernestine Johnson - Brianna

Rhonda Morman - Shelby Brown

Brave Williams - Kami

Ta’Rhonda Jones -Jillian James

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