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Queen Nicki Debuts her Fendi Line in a Major Way!

The Queen is back, RETIRE WHERE???

Nicki Minaj and Fendi have finally debuted their new collection "Fendi Prints On" and they did in the most lit way.

How about making Rodeo Drive an epic night of turn up and did I mention Pink.

The 127 piece collection saw everything from jackets to accessories to shoes, you name it. Many of the pieces from the Fendi Prints On collection have already sold out online at Fendi.com, where they arrived Oct. 14.

Nicki spoke of how the collaboration happened,“I made a song called ‘Chun Li’ and I said ‘Fendi prints on,’” “I asked to use Fendi on the cover art and they were all with it. I had already shot with Karl Lagerfeld and he was someone that I always loved so much, and when I realized that he liked me, it just warmed my heart because I was so obsessed with him. So, they gave me permission to use Fendi.” “Fendi then brought me out to Milan and said, ‘When your song came out, the clothes that had the actual Fendi prints on started selling more.’ I respected them so much for telling me that; we all know how hip-hop influences fashion, but a lot of times, we don’t get that credit, so I fell in love with them for saying that.”

Those in the crowd included Aleali May, Diplo, DJ Va$htie, Chloe and Halle Bailey, Larsen Thompson, and Paris Jackson; most everyone sipped Champagne as they browsed the new, very pink collection.

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