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LOE, Lekan Adepegba was born in Washington, D.C. on March, 25th of 1994 to Nigerian descent Indiviudals and raised in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY as well as Chicago and Maryland. During an early age, LOE had to overcome many obstacles. Lekan fell in love with rhyming at age 10, due to an everyday lunch table cypher that caught his attention in elementary school. Once he was exposed to that unforgettable experience, Lekan began teaching himself how to freestyle and write rhymes. As years past, Lekan kept showing improvement within his lyrics and delivery which led him to dub himself after LOE, an acronym for Lyrically Over Expectations. In recent years, LOE has managed to draw the attention of local producers and artists in the place of his current residence, Maryland, as well as a local audience that are fans of his creative music projects. Still unsigned and one-third of a hip-hop team that call themselves

"Ahk Boy Entertainment", LOE hopes to expand his "Map music" fan base/movement and prove to the world that he is not just a rapper or emcee coming out of a certain area, but a break through gifted, talented, and nostalgic hip-hop artist who is eager to make a legendary name for himself through the creative, distinctive, and mind blowing music that he has to offer to mankind.

Coming from the loss of his dear cousin and fellow emcee Baby Ahk, the his new video gives a reflective perspective on a single dropped years ago. It’s a chilling but smooth single about loyalty, treating women right, faith in the future, and brotherhood.

In this particular song, LOE demonstrates his word play skills while addressing a worth telling message about life trials and decisions that have been made as of recently within the low to middle class society.

Shot by west coast videographer Local Boy, the video portrays Loe in a beautiful meadows reciting song lyrics in various positions. Each shot represents a different emotion and perspectives the single narrates.

With upcoming shows in Washington D.C., a pending graduation from Morgan State University, and a tour yet to be disclosed, Loe Adde is primed for a big 2020.

“Ahkie” is not only meant to honor the legacy of a life loss but a new beginning for the Maryland lyricist. Join the journey and watch the video below:

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