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EVENT REVIEW: "Generation: The Re-Up Wealth Edition" PRESENTED BY Projecht x Just1PR x Daw

November 22nd, saw the coming together of Generation X and Millennials speaking on the basis of generational wealth, opportunities, community and entrepreneurship and lets just say the conversation laid it all out on the table.

The conversation was oh so needed as it drew the parallels of two worlds together to site the common ground of the black man on the rise through entrepreneurship. As a panelist I saw myself seeing another realm of opportunity and story of how the vets came to be, in a way I never noticed before.

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As a millennial, our story of generational wealth is quite an easy path, one of just getting up and doing as for the vets, there was a closed minded arena of which they had to shift through that luckily we never had to go through.

The enriching conversation is often times taboo, especially with black men as we are looked as just being a provider, but there's more there, there's a legacy of which we want to set for others to come behind us.

The packed event saw everyone taking notes, participating and asking questions to soak up the knowledge. The three key areas that everyone walked away with were; WEALTH, IMPACT & INNOVATION. As a panelist I often made myself an audience member so I to could rely these amazing group of men back to you. Overall the event was another success and a new venture filling in the gap of where Generation X and Millennial Men can find common ground and build on the fundamentals of success.

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