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Chosenstar is a American Artist , producer & Songwriter from Houston TX, now a DMV Native.

After serving 6years in the United States Air Force, Chosenstar began his musical career working with local legends such as willtharapper and 3Ohblack. Chosen is gearing up for his first studio album

“Inferno: Chapter 1” which will be released sometime in the beginning of summer but an official release date has yet to be determined. Chosenstar is fluid with his production style and flow , so you can expect any project that he is producing to have multiple genres tied into one.

TMP: So its been a long time, what has Chosenstar been up to since we last talked?

C: I’ve spent the last year working on my craft and networking on all levels of the industry.

TMP: How would describe Chosenstar the artist that we see today?

C: Chosen the artist and chosen the person are both one in the same. I’m all about peace , blessing and prosperity. I seek to motivate others and speak positively into people’s lives. Chosen is a motivator and a creator.

TMP: With the new landscape of music how do you think you have garnered your sound?

C: I have created my sound by listening and studying every genre of music. I can produce just about any genre but I’m really the best at blending the different ones together to create something unique and authentic.


TMP: I was able to listen to some of your new music, what head-space would you say you were in when creating this new project?

C: This new project is about me venting how I feel about the current direction of music and just a few life stories and poems about things that I’ve been through and experienced in life.

TMP: What does this new project say to your listeners?

C: This new projects will show listeners and artists that you can be lyrical and still turn up . I want the listeners to know that bars are just as important as the beat.

TMP: Do you know how many tracks will be on the project?

C: There will be between 10-12 tracks on the upcoming project.

TMP: A vast amount of people now look to you for inspiration, how does that feel?

C:My purpose on this earth is to be the best me that I can be but my greater purpose is to inspire others to be their best selves as well. It makes me feel awesome when people tell me that my project helped motivate them or encouraged them to want to do better for themselves.

TMP: What are your four keys to success?

C: Dream it , Plan it, Act on it , and having Discernment once the dream is brought into reality. You can have all the money in the world but if you lack perspective and discernment you could lose it all if you do not step in the right direction.

TMP: Now tell us what you have coming up later this month and the rest of 2020.

C: Later this month I will be doing more visuals and promoting for the upcoming release and also working on a second project. In 2020 i will be launching a woman’s lounge wear line. It will be in support of the empowering of women, It is my way as a male feminist , to give back to the women in my life that have helped me become the man that I am today.

TMP: How do you think your experiences have helped mold you as an artist?

C: My experiences in life taught me to fear nothing but myself and God. I use to be so scared to pursue music but after going through so much in life, I decided to discard my fear and just put the music out and push as far as I can go.

TMP: What does five years from now look like to you?

C: In 5 years I will have my own entertainment company. I want to establish a music Mecca right here in the DMV area. Jay-Z set a bar that I’m focused on surpassing.

TMP: Before we go, what is one motto you ladies live by?

C: My motto in life “Be you, do you,But don’t get lost in you” don’t let that go over head

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