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ALBUM SPOTLIGHT: Xsentrick "Percxption"

Xsentrick is a Washington DC native, born in often underrated southeast part of the city. At the age of 5 he was involved in a hit and run accident which unfortunately caused him the loss of his left ear and other burns to his body. In spite of his physical set backs he turned to music as a way to express himself. Being the son of a man who sang, and the product of a family who was very active in the church, xsentrick began his singing debut in the youth choir. Going from church to church singing for events and services. As he got older he grew a liking to writing and wrote both poetry and spoken word. Over time those poems turned into songs and he focused more on songwriting. In the year 2012 when he graduated from high school he made a life changing decision. Give music his all, or follow a path that not so many make it on. Xsentrick chose to use his college refund to build his first studio and began logging countless hours, learning the art of making music.

He later released his first single titled “Being Honest” in 2013, which was a more work perspective on the things happening in society which are still happening today. He then released a single in 2015 titled “Park Dayze ” and another single in 2016 titled “Someday”. At this point he had not yet found his sound and kept experimenting with different writing styles and genres. 2017 marked the official beginning of the Xsentrick that is known now! He released four fresh singles in that year, and nine in 2018 including an E.P titled November’s Dawn. He wanted to make it evidently clear that he wanted to make a name for hisself in the music game. In December of 2018 he started performing live with a group of like minded music friends who were also dedicated to the craft. Night after night he showed up and consistently put on a show for both old and potentially new fans. On February 9, 2020 Xsentrick released his first studio album titled “Percxption” in which he takes and in depth look into the many ways a relationship can be seen. He’s made it very clear that he has no intention to stop, and will continue to give us hits for the coming years.

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