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DJ Khaled, Drake & Justin Bieber are Trending #1 and Here's Why........

Canada's finest Drake and Justin Bieber do a life swap in DJ Khaled New Music for the single "Popstar".

In year 2020 there are now many travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which does in fact mean Drake's in Canada (which means he can't travel to the United States), and Bieber's is in Los Angeles, BINGO, he can do the music video lol.

We see Bieber become the epitome of what that song says a POPstar as he rides through his epic mansion and kind of showing us he is the new Drake. The video in all entirety is quite catchy, very creative and full of amusement, so no wonder this video is the #1 Trending Video on YouTube, beating out our beloved SZA.

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"POPSTAR" ft. Drake available at:

Official Audio:

Production Company: Fela / Mssng Peces

Director: Julien Christian Lutz pka Director X

Producer: Fuliane Petikyan / Taj Critchlow / Sam Lecca

DP: Chris Probst

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